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Ziggs counters


the Hexplosives Expert


With a love of big bombs and short fuses, the yordle Ziggs is an explosive force of nature. As an inventor's assistant in Piltover, he was bored by his predictable life and befriended a mad, blue-haired bomber named Jinx. After a wild night on the town, Ziggs took her advice and moved to Zaun, where he now explores his fascinations more freely, terrorizing the chem-barons and regular citizens alike in his never ending quest to blow stuff up.

Short Fuse (ZiggsP)

Periodically, Ziggs' next basic attack deals bonus magic damage. This cooldown is reduced whenever Ziggs uses an ability.

Bouncing Bomb (ZiggsQ)

Ziggs throws a bouncing bomb that deals magic damage.

Satchel Charge (ZiggsW)

Ziggs flings an explosive charge that detonates after 4 seconds, or when this ability is activated again. The explosion deals magic damage to enemies, knocking them away. Ziggs is also knocked away, but takes no damage. Ziggs can use the Satchel to hexplode vulnerable enemy turrets.

Hexplosive Minefield (ZiggsE)

Ziggs scatters proximity mines that detonate on enemy contact, dealing magic damage and slowing. Successive mine detonations on the same target deal reduced damage.

Mega Inferno Bomb (ZiggsR)

Ziggs deploys his ultimate creation, the Mega Inferno Bomb, hurling it an enormous distance. Enemies in the primary blast zone take more damage than those farther away.

  • HP:536 (+92 per level)
  • MP:480 (+23.5 per level)
  • MS:325
  • Armor:21.544 (+3.3 per level)
  • Magic Resist:30 (+0.5 per level)
  • Attack Range:550
  • HP Regen:6.5 (+0.6 per level)
  • MP Regen:8 (+0.8 per level)
  • Critical Strike:0 (+0 per level)
  • Attack Damage:54.208 (+54.208 per level)
  • Attack Speed:0.656 (+2 per level)

Ziggs Counter Tips

Don't step on Ziggs' mines! They'll slow you and make it much easier for him to hit you with his other abiltiies.

Many of Ziggs' abilities have long cooldowns. Try catching him just after he's used his abilities.

Ziggs' ultimate, Mega Inferno Bomb, deals more damage in the center of the explosion.

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