Privacy Policy

At LeagueOfCounters we respect user privacy and take high measures to make sure we don't interfere in our customers' privacy and integrity while they are using our website. Below we will mention all the cookies we store while someone is using the LeagueOfCounters website:

Gathering and Processing Privacy Data

As you probably already know when visiting a website your IP address is available to the server the website is located on. As an IP address the numbers array doesn't mean anything but the internet providers store various data for each IP address and if you do a query you can find the exact persona location. Currently, we do not store any user IP's and we will never query the Internet providers to find out more about you while using your IP address. If we start gathering IP address for our login system in the future we will let our visitors know 30 days before the implementation taking in action.

Cookies on LeagueOfCounters

Same as IP addresses website cannot work without storing cookies on visitor computer. The main reason for storing cookies is to improve user experience which means most of the time the website is customized depending on user needs. In today world it is common for websites to store cookies and they are not from any harm for you.

Besides LeagueOfCounters cookies there may be other cookies created on your browser by the advertisers we use in order to keep our beautiful website alive.

LeagueOfCounters has nothing to do with this cookies and if you want to know more about them you should see their own privacy policies.

In case you don't want LeagueOfCounters to store any cookies on your browser feel free to use the private browsing mode which kills all cookies once the browser session is closed.

LeagueOfCounters holds the full right to change this privacy policy if we think that it's needed. We will let you know no less than 30 days before the new policy comes into action.