Terms of Service

Dear visitors, please, before using any of our services, carefully read and review our terms. If you are visiting and using LeagueOfCounters this means that you went through and approve the terms of service stated here.

Welcome to the website of www.leagueofcounters.com. We hold the ownership of all materials, files, and data on the LeagueOfCounters website and they should only be distributed with the permission from our side.

User data and cookies

LeagueOfCounters takes great care of the visitor's data which is safely stored and will only be used in a way to improve your user experience within the LeagueOfCounters website. We will never share or sell private user data under any circumstances. Periodically, browser parameters are saved in your browser in a form of cookies and the sole purpose of them is to record user preferences and improve your general website experience. You can opt-in for cookie-less browsing experience by opting for a browser mode that doesn't store them.

Hyperlinks and Exit Pages

Whatever it is tier list pages, blog section or any other page; a user may find hyperlinks that lead to websites and pages other then LeagueOfCounters. We check and review these pages in the time of insertion, but we cannot guarantee the safety in any of them simply because they can be modified and altered after our review. Because of this, we do not guarantee safety on any website other than LeagueOfCounters that our links lead to. Do your own due diligence before using any of them.

Changs & Updates

Our terms of service may periodically be updated or extended and we guarantee to let our users know about it not earlier than 30 days before the changes taking action. Registered users will be notified about it by e-mail while normal visitors with a pop-up message on the homepage of our website.

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