Tristana Counters

Tristana counters


the Yordle Gunner

Marksman Assassin

While many other yordles channel their energy into discovery, invention, or just plain mischief-making, Tristana was always inspired by the adventures of great warriors. She had heard much about Runeterra, its factions, and its wars, and believed her kind could become worthy of legend too. Setting foot in the world for the first time, she took up her trusty cannon Boomer, and now leaps into battle with steadfast courage and optimism.

Draw a Bead (TristanaP)

Increases Tristana's Attack Range as she levels.

Rapid Fire (TristanaQ)

Tristana fires her weapon rapidly, increasing her Attack Speed for a short time.

Rocket Jump (TristanaW)

Tristana fires at the ground to propel her to a distant location, dealing damage and slowing surrounding units for a brief period where she lands.

Explosive Charge (TristanaE)

When Tristana kills a unit, her cannonballs burst into shrapnel, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Can be activated to place a bomb on a target enemy that explodes after a short duration dealing damage to surrounding units.

Buster Shot (TristanaR)

Tristana loads a massive cannonball into her weapon and fires it at an enemy unit. This deals Magic Damage and knocks the target back. If the target is carrying the Explosive Charge bomb, the bomb detonation radius is doubled.

  • HP:559 (+88 per level)
  • MP:250 (+32 per level)
  • MS:325
  • Armor:26 (+3 per level)
  • Magic Resist:30 (+0.5 per level)
  • Attack Range:525
  • HP Regen:3.75 (+0.65 per level)
  • MP Regen:7.2 (+0.45 per level)
  • Critical Strike:0 (+0 per level)
  • Attack Damage:61 (+61 per level)
  • Attack Speed:0.656 (+1.5 per level)

Tristana Counter Tips

If you see Tristana activate Rapid Fire in a fight, stun her and try to back off until the spell dissipates.

Stand away from your creeps in a lane to take less collateral damage from Explosive Charge.

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