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the Plague Rat

Marksman Assassin

A Zaunite plague rat by birth, but a connoisseur of filth by passion, Twitch is not afraid to get his paws dirty. Aiming a chem-powered crossbow at the gilded heart of Piltover, he has vowed to show those in the city above just how filthy they really are. Always a sneaky sneak, when he's not rooting around in the Sump, he's digging deep into other people's garbage for discarded treasures… and perhaps a moldy sandwich.

Deadly Venom (TwitchP)

Twitch's basic attacks infect the target, dealing true damage each second.

Ambush (TwitchQ)

Twitch becomes Camouflaged for a short duration and gains Movement Speed. When leaving Camouflage, Twitch gains Attack Speed for a short duration.

When an enemy champion with Deadly Venom dies, Ambush's cooldown is reset.

Venom Cask (TwitchW)

Twitch hurls a cask of venom that explodes in an area, slowing targets and applying deadly venom to the target.

Contaminate (TwitchE)

Twitch wreaks further havoc on poisoned enemies with a blast of his vile diseases.

Spray and Pray (TwitchR)

Twitch unleashes the full power of his crossbow, shooting bolts over a great distance that pierce all enemies caught in their path.

  • HP:582 (+84 per level)
  • MP:287.2 (+40 per level)
  • MS:330
  • Armor:27 (+3 per level)
  • Magic Resist:30 (+0.5 per level)
  • Attack Range:550
  • HP Regen:3.75 (+0.6 per level)
  • MP Regen:7.256 (+0.45 per level)
  • Critical Strike:0 (+0 per level)
  • Attack Damage:59 (+59 per level)
  • Attack Speed:0.679 (+3.38 per level)

Twitch Counter Tips

Twitch is fragile. Work with teammates to focus on him when you're able to catch him out of Camouflage.

Spell Shields won't block the damage from Deadly Venom, but they will block the effects Twitch can trigger with it.

If you suspect Twitch has left the lane, let your teammates know that Twitch is ''MIA.''

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